“You won’t meet a more passionate, articulate warrior for wine than him; a person more firmly wrapped up in its romance, mystery, culture and history.”

Max Allen, Australian Financial Review 19-21 March 2021


“Michael is a deep thinker, one of the most perceptive, intelligent, considered yet rebellious winemakers. After 20-plus years making wine, he no longer accepts anything as given. He doesn’t simply question the status quo, he challenges it.”

Jane Faulkner, James Halliday Wine Companion Magazine April/May 2015


“…He is a one-off. A free spirit, a man who goes his own way. An eccentric perhaps, in a world of white-coated technocrats. Such people are quite rare, and are to be valued”.

Huon Hooke, ‘Hooked on Wine’ January 2015


“All we should do is marvel at the conjunction of terroir and individual winemaker brilliance to produce these wines which push the envelope as few others attempt to do, let alone succeed.”

James Halliday,


“Michael Glover is one of the most intelligent and questioning winemakers of Australia’s younger generation”

Andrew Jefford, The World of Fine Wine, issue 28, 2010


“MICHAEL GLOVER is my kind of winemaker. If it weren’t for people like him, I may not be writing about wine, not because I don’t love it – come on – but because thinking about wine 24/7 in a troubled world can sometimes seem … excessive. Michael Glover is an antidote to that uneasiness. He knows about the taste of wine and can back up what he believes with evidence in the glass…and I have a feeling that he may one day be looked upon in some circles as some kind of genius.(p190-191)”

Campbell Mattinson, Why the French Hate Us: The Real Story of Australian Wine. Hardie Grant, 2007