I’m not quite sure when my wine story started as I’ve always been surrounded by wine.

What I do know is that my connection with the Moutere hills of Nelson began with the planting of my parent’s vineyard in Gardner Valley Road in Upper Moutere more than thirty years ago when I was fifteen.

Pushing sticks into the ground didn’t seem very significant at the time, but in watching the vines grow and eventually produce fruit some four years later, I began to feel something special that led to my own adventure and journey into the world of wine.

The transformation of your little piece of Earth into a bottle of wine is something magical. A bottle of wine is the expression of your thoughts, your hard work and your unique place on the globe, and is the very essence of the romance and crusade of wine. ‘Place’ and ‘people’ are everything.

Although my journey began in Upper Moutere New Zealand, over the last few decades it has taken me far and wide – to Puglia, Campania, Sardinia and Tuscany in Italy. To the Mosel in Germany. To Provence and Burgundy in France…throughout Australia, and now back to Upper Moutere…at last.

Along the way I have seen, tasted and listened to a lot, but the memories that I have are as much about the people that I have met as the places that I have been. Wine is about people every bit as much as it is about place.