There is something mythical, magical and almost surreal about Mammoths.

These great creatures roamed the grass lands of the Northern continents until a combination of environmental factors and man resulted in their extinction.

The image on the Pinot Noir and Rare White is a story in itself, one that also reflects a dying social phenomenon: one of giving without asking anything in return. We wanted to use a cave painting of a Mammoth and in the search for images, stumbled across a man by the name of Alexey Solodeynikov. Alexey, from St Petersburg Russia is the head of the International Network of Rock Art. Following brief correspondence, Alexey gave us the images noting:

“Mammouth-dissident”. It is the only mammouth that is heading right-wards, like the sun goes. Maybe, this one is more read-able, so to speak.

The pictures are original, just a little bit more saturated. I have to tell you, that there’s a problem with rock art images – they are alive only when they are on the original rock wall. We can separate the pigments from the wall, but the image dies then. 

Thus, I suggest you would use an image as it is, if it possible, with the wall on the background.

This is a mammouth from Kapova cave, South Ural. There is no need to mention my name on the label – if you use my photo, but I feel it necessary to state Kapova cave.

The age of the pictures are estimated as around 15 000 years before us.

Thank you, and best wishes.